The Domain Of Dionysus And Its Various Pleasures

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "wine"One of the most appreciated alcoholic beverages of the world has and will always be wine. While in ancient times it was associated with religion, it is now the preferred drink for social occasions.

There are currently a lot of  types of wine, each different from one another in terms of sweetness and flavor. Some are older, some are freshly bottled. While choosing the best type is completely subjective, there are a few golden rules that can and should be followed in order to guarantee that the choice in wine fits the food you eat:

  • Always pair the type of wine with the food that you cook. Red wine usually goes best with red meat, while white wine should be served with the dessert;
  • Match acidic wines with fatty foods;
  • Always choose sweet wines with sweet deserts;
  • Serve salty foods with sweet wine;

From a more detailed perspective, there are a lot more choices of wine available on Wine-And-More. There are dinner wines, dessert wines, as well as various types of the beverage that have been mixed and infused with various fruits.

While it is important to pay attention to its various flavors and types, probably the most important characteristic of a great bottle of wine is its age. This alcoholic beverage has an unusual characteristic: it gets better with the age. A rule of thumb is that, assuming that the liquid has been stored under certain conditions, the more time passes before opening a bottle, the better the wine will taste.

A great, well-aged wine can cost anywhere from a few hundreds of dollars to a few thousands. In essence, the beverage can become a collector’s item, many people buying and selling them through auctions rather than normal retailers.