Different Treatments To Cure Glaucoma

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Glaucoma"Glaucoma is a serious medical condition that affects our eyes. In this condition, the optic nerve of the eyes gets damaged because of the pressure that is created inside your eyes. If proper medication is not revived at the right time, then Glaucoma may result in complete vision loss. The work of optic nerve is to send the images to the brain, but when this nerve gets damaged the image that is being transmitted to your brain also gets stopped which results in total vision loss. It is a very hard for the person to know that he is actually suffering from Glaucoma as Glaucoma has no symptoms or any kind of pain. Only an eye doctor can identify that you have Glaucoma. You can visit jaskra leczenie mavit to get your Glaucoma treated very effectively.


Glaucoma can be treated using three types of treatments which are: proper medication, laser treatment, and surgical treatment.

  • Medical treatment: Medical treatment is usually done with the help of eye drops or pills that are useful in treating Glaucoma. Eye drops are absorbed by our eyes and heal the damaged optic nerve. You can ask your doctor or eye expert about any effective eye drop that you can use in this situation. Pills are used when your eye drops alone are not sufficient for treating your Glaucoma.
  • Laser treatment: Laser treatment is the most popular as it doesn’t involve any kind of surgery and usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to perform the treatment. The treatment is painless and the patient is ready to continue with his daily work just after the surgery.
  • Surgery treatment: In surgery treatment, the doctor creates a new passage for the fluid to come out so that it may not create pressure on the optic nerve. When the pressure is reduced on the optic nerve, the patients start to see things much properly.