Dieting – Setting Goals for Weight and Shape

There is no single number that can adequately summarise the health of a person. In the same way that there are different measures of blood pressure, there are also different ways to indicate how “correct” a person’s weight is, or how well a person adheres to the “correct” diet. This article explains what some of the measures are, what they mean, and what are the limitations of their use. This post is largely based on 3 week diet book.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

This is a the most common measure of weight. It is defined as a persons weight (in kilograms), divided by their height (in metres) squared. It is often stated that the Body mass Index, or BMI, should be in the range 18 to 25. For many people, this is a good general rule.

Example: Tiger Woods is 6 feet and 1 inch tall, and he weighs 185 pounds. Converted to metric, he is 184 cm (1.84 metres) tall, and weighs 84 kg.

His BMI is therefore 84 / (1.84 x 1.84) = 24.8

This is within the “normal” range.

BMI is not an appropriate measure for everyone. Athletes often show high BMI values, because they may have a high percentage of muscle. At an inch (2 cm) taller that Tiger, Arnold Schwarzenegger weighs 235 pounds, or 107 kg. His BMI is over 30.

Percentage Body Fat

This equals the amount of body fat, divided by the total body weight. The “correct” amount of percentage body fat depends on sex and age, and there are several ways to measure it. A reasonable guide is that for men, 10 to 20 percent body fat is good, whereas women should be in the range 15 to 25 percent. Professional advice should always be sought before deciding on a target value, as individual circumstances are important.

Body fat measurement was once only available from specialists, but can now be estimated electrically, using callipers to measure body girth at several points, or by immersing in a tank of water on weigh scales (Hydrostatic Weighing).

One difficulty with using percentage body fat as a measure of health, is that it gives no information about where on the body the fat is distributed.

Waist to Hips Ratio

This is a simple measure to take, and is simply the waist measurement in inches divided by the hip measurement in inches. Hip measurements are taken at the widest point. Ideally, men should have a ratio less than 0.95, and women should have a ratio less than 0.8

Although this is a simple measure to take, it may be inconsistent.

Summary of Dietary Health Indicators

There is no measurement for “correct” weight that takes into account all of the health factors. There are three main figures used – Body Mass Index, Percentage Body fat, and Waist to Hips Ratio. Used together, they can be used as a guide to achieve better health.

References for Dietary Health Indicators

There are many websites available that will provide more information about each of these Health Indicators.

Make effort for the second Ondeugend Chatten experience

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dating"Excited about your very first date! Great! But will your first date get transformed into a second date! Getting someone on a first date with you is much easier than getting them on a second date.  Singles would turn up for a first interview, but for a second one, you need to create a good impression that would be attractive and interesting. Here are few tips which would lead you to a second date chance:

The first Ondeugend chatten experience would no doubt make you feel nervous. So just relax your mind and enjoy the conversation. Involve similar hobbies and interests which would generate topics to chat on. Chatting with a tensed mind would give confused answers which would create a negative impact on your date. Another important point to take due care of is of making an eye to eye contact. Many people feel shy while chatting on first dates. This can misguide her while taking decisions about you.

The first date is just meant to know about each other. What are their hobbies, areas of interest, their childhood, etc? It doesn’t allow you for any physical relationship. Give all the answers with due interest that would create an urge for a second date. Make sure you don’t go very personal with questions that would sadden her mood.

Make your Ondeugend chatten experience great with a proper selection of place, time and Outlook. The place you select should be capable of giving you privacy for clear and understanding chats. Make sure the place is not much crowd for you and her to feel uncomfortable. Also select the best suitable clothes.

Ondeugend chatten is an exciting phase of anyone’s life. But it actually takes place when it gets converted to the second date and later to a lifelong relationship.

Solomio – Get Dates

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "online dating"Sitting in a night club and checking out that charming blonde since many days, but every time you want to approach her your insecurities and fear stop you. Traditional dating becomes time-consuming in this fast paced world where we are habituated getting everything with tapping option on a computer screen and mobile app. Online dating sites made it possible to approach and build a rapport with people you like. The transition from liking to asking for a date became very subtle with the help of dating sites.

Solomio is such platform where an even shy person can approach and build a rapport as you work on such wonderful platform of Solomio. There are thousands of guides available on the internet about how to understand whether a woman is ready for a date or not or in short, reading those cues.

Read between Lines- Be smart and start picking those cues she is sending across to you. Like she will ask what is your plans for the weekend? Or whether you watch a recent blockbuster movie or there is one coffee shop near my office makes great Pretzels.

Proximity – She will ask you how far you place from her office or home. Means it is a subtle cue of that she wants to meet you in person. Then you can ask her which restaurant is good in your area, I would love to try eating out there.

Make her wait – If she likes and wants to date you then. Don’t send a message or chat her for 2 or 3 days if she sends you offline messages means she is interested in perusing you. Well, don’t make her wait too long.

Switching – This transition is a very prominent cue for you when a girl tries to shift communication platform from dating site to Facebook or messengers then you can understand she is positive about you.

How online Misolo is popular than traditional dating

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dating"Want to step ahead in searching a life partner! But confused which way to search, traditional or online! Here are some words which will help you to understand how online Misolo is beneficial and popular than traditional.

The traditional way of searching for a date involved only one aspect of Misolo i.e. blind date. But the online manner gives you three options to select from such as blind date, online dates and virtual and online date assistants. The traditional way involved your friends and family who would search a single match you are unknown too. This system had specific limits you are bounded in. the online matching system helps you to get in touch with the person before even talking to him. You get to know all the basic information about the person, his/her interest, hobbies, photographs etc. through online sites. The online matching option also gives you an opportunity to chat with the person through emails, texts, and video calls. Hence when you meet your date in person, you already have an idea about him/her.

There is another benefit of online date fixing which can be called instant matching facility. Yes, there are few people who demand instant date facilities. The websites also help such people with the help of speed Misolo option. This option allows you to select your perfect match from similar people by conducting a small interview worth 3-5 minutes for making a decision.

Want to find your soul mate with a kind of blind date with fun! Choose the virtual date making option. Through this option, you get in touch with your dates with the help of certain avatars. This option allows you to interact with your date by video calling and playing a video game. Hence, online matching gives you several ways as compared to the traditional one and hence is popular.


Misolo-Odd Box For Sexual Preference

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dating"With the help of dig-dating many single’s hearts are melting with other single hearts, yes online dating is helping people of different age, status, race, and background to find their companion but the key is any specific kink that you may desire which doesn’t fall into conventional type. This fetish of sex is different from usual this is about desiring when human sexuality is becoming very complicated and people can’t be candid about it. Online dating is helping people with a diverse streak of liking and it became very rampant these days.

Misolo gives a user’s the capacity to look for a partner tailor made to meet their specific needs, wants, sexual desires and fetishes. In this day and age, it is helping thousands of users to satisfy their need of partner of their choice. The online dating website is evolving with the time and focusing on expanded sexuality choices for those who are having different taste when it comes to romantic bliss. Traditional choices were confined to let users choose from straight, bisexual and gay, but some have exposed that new wings of sexual orientation zeroed down on heteroflexible, pansexual and even sapiosexual who inclined towards the intelligence of others. It is very new for many to accept it but people have such fetish and they want to fulfill those desires.

There are around 20 or more options available in this category to choose a right partner available on online dating it allows the user to let them tell the world who they really are, rather than picking an option they might not feel comfortable with. The society seems to be adaptable towards such unusual choices of their near and dear ones and slowly everyone understands that not every person can fit into a same basic box but instead, there are boxes available for such people.

Adopt E-Mail Marketing Strategy And Optimize The Resources

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "email marketing"Today with up gradation in the technology many changes are coming in businesses and the associated inputs. Most of the businesses are getting advanced and they are optimizing their resources to the best. There are many companies that are opting for search engine optimization that helps them in expanding their business. In fact they are adopting many strategies to establish their work, out of which E-mail marketing is the one. There are many SEO Company in Orlando Florida that make it possible for you to reach to your clients and to stand on their expectations.

E-mail marketing strategy is gaining worldwide popularity through which you can attract a number of customers and can target your audience. Even the SEO companies have many tools and devices with them through which you can make all the necessary changes and can design your own email template. It can be the best way through which you can publicize your business and can hold market in your hand.

Tips for having Email marketing

Due to its wide use and international acceptance it is necessary for you to have something different from others. It is necessary to make a unique identity between the customers and they can easily identify you from others. Following are some of the tips that can make your email strategy successful:

  • You can offer incentives to the people on their sign up and each time when they will login the website they will get loyalty points.
  • You can use the newsletter services with which you can easily reach to the clients and describe about the new products or services launched.
  • You should add proper attachments; it should be such that it can describe your company and what services you offer.
  • Try to personalize the emails without the use of recipients’ name; you can add greetings and photos.
  • Try to build relationship with your clients that will make them feel satisfied.

Mass bidding method to earn Free FIFA coins quickly

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "fifa 17"Here is a great way to earn more Free FIFA coins by playing the game right. You don’t have to spend any money but still get a lot of coins easily. Mass bidding is a specific method that helps you to acquire a lot of coins.

Choose the player who is on demand and also whom you can buy within your budget limits. Look for the rarely-filled position towards the center forward, right back, left and other places.

On picking up the player, analyze their average “buy-it-now” price. Finding their average buying price is very simple as it will be readily displayed for you. Now, you need to decide how much profit you can make by selling those players. Calculate it wisely and choose the player and you can sell them at good profit margins later to get some Free FIFA Coins.

Not, it’s time for bidding- Always aim high of making some hundred coins each time you buy and sell your players. You can choose the players from the Transfer market. Be very careful in choosing them, because those players are not sitting on the front pages of the Transfer market but you need to browse through pages and find them. Some potential and high-demand players are in the last few pages of the transfer market.

Sell your players- Have you been lucky enough to get the best players at cheap prices? Make use of this opportunity and sell them on the market with your profit levels set high. You can re-invest the profit and fix the average ‘buy-it-price’ as per your choice. Set the profit level a bit higher to earn several hundred Free FIFA coins but not way beyond the limits.

Make a wise move as the Free FIFA Coins can be compared to the real money. Your game gets exciting only when you earn and spend the coins wisely.

Online 3D Worlds: The Best Real-Life Escape

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "virtual reality"A few decades ago, you got the opportunity to escape from real life and go into the online world. These worlds still exist and they are more popular than ever. Some games such as Second Life are so addictive that you can lose track of the real life! We are going to tell you how to make this experience even better. As you may imagine, the key element is virtual reality.

You probably know what VR is and what it does. Simply said, you will get an impression that you are in a game. With 3D worlds, this is an extremely important benefit and probably something that can make the entire gaming experience better. The main advantage of these games is the possibilities they offer. You can dance, play in-game games, walk, talk and etc. You can do almost anything you can in the real world, but you won’t get any responsibility.

Virtual dating

Now we have come to the interesting part. Virtual dating is possible and more common than you may believe. More than 20% of the world marriages begins over the internet. In 3D online worlds, you can meet your soul mate. If you use virtual reality, chances are even higher. Keep in mind that you can approach any person you like and do anything you want. That’s why this method is more successful than actual dating, it offers similar results.

With the help of virtual reality, you can kiss a person, hold hands, walk and even have sex. Even today, some people have real online relationships. Most of them end up with actual marriage, in real life, although getting married in a game is possible as well.

Let’s just add the fact that online 3D games offer you the ability to have children, in a game, of course.